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Bill Schubart Master Class: Art and Craft of Writing and Publishing Books

March 5 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Published Author, Community Leader, Humanist, Bill Schubart on How to Write and Publish Your Book in Today’s Fast-Changing World.

So You Have a Book Lurking in You?

Bill Schubart shares his lifetime experience and wisdom on writing and publishing books. Please read below about his wealth of experience and the detailed outline of what Bill will teach us in this Master Class.

Many of you have probably heard Bill Schubart on VPR or read his articles online or in various publications. Bill has published 8 or 9 books, and he recently began writing a new novel.

He cofounded Earth Audio, Resolution, Philo Records, and the Vermont Authors Project. He has served as Chair of the Vermont Arts Council, Vermont’s Bicentennial Commission, Vermont Public Radio (which he advised during its formation), Vermont Folklife Center, the Vermont Business Roundtable, Fletcher Allen Healthcare, Circus Smirkus, Vermont Digger, and Vermont College of Fine Arts.

In Bill’s class he asks, What do you want to achieve in your book? Who are you writing for? Is your genre literary fiction, memoir, romance, sci-fi, noir, horror, fantasy, academic, history, nonfiction, religious, cooking & food, travel?

He’ll discuss the art and craft of writing leading into what to do once your book is complete. When your manuscript is first done; the editorial partnership; critical and beta readers; literary, developmental, copy, and line editors and how they overlap.

The technology array: print (hard cover, trade paperback, large type); ebooks; audiobooks. Does it look like a real book? Purpose of design: to sell or convey content; indicia (ISBN, bar code, colophon, copyright, etc.); blurbs, binding, etc.

What most writers don’t know about the business of publishing. The necessity of researching the total cost, reputation, and reviews of the publisher. How to end up with 1500 copies of your offset printed book in your attic. Many midlist authors (10-70,000 sales) rarely see significant proceeds in the form of royalties.

The difference between copyright and publishing rights.

Agents and traditional publishers; small presses; hybrid publishers; vanity publishers; self-publishing (What do you need to know?) Offset or print-on-demand (POD)? Sales channel scope and plan: distribution channels: direct-to-consumer, and DTR: indies, chains, e-commerce, consignment, returns etc. (50% pulp), Sales reps?

The Amazon conundrum and how to deal with it. Independent bookstores.

What is a hybrid publisher?_… a relatively new variant in the publishing spectrum between a vanity  or custom publisher and a traditional  publisher.

Hybrid publishers accept quality manuscripts on their merit as opposed to solely on their sales potential, as is the case with most traditional publishers. In the “hybrid” model, costs may be shared or the author may bear the entire cost of actual pre-publication and printing, then matched by the hybrid publisher’s publication expertise. The fact that most authors publish one or two books in a lifetime and hybrid publishers may publish that number in a week or month means the publisher’s added value is the scale they bring to printing, their professional contacts in prepublication services (copy editing, design, indicia development etc.), their knowledge of potential sales channels, and their scaled use of marketing and publicity assets.

How are you gonna sell it? (No one else is.)“What’s your platform?”

·Advance notice work and publication event and selling resources: Book stores, libraries, book clubs, media appearances.

Bill will give us a detailed inside look at how to navigate the rocky path to publishing and actually selling what we’ve put so much work into creating.

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