For writers who wish to submit their work for a workshop review…

We ask that you attend at least one workshop before requesting to submit your own work for review. Here’s how to proceed:

Check the page of submission reservations for the specific workshop location and date you would like enter:

If you see an underscore (____), then there may be space available for you on that day.

Request that space by sending an email to:

Please include the information below in your email:

  • Your name,
  • The name, date, and time of the workshop you’re requesting,
  • The genre of your submission (fiction, poetry, etc.),
  • Affirmation that you’ve attended a BWW workshop before.

We’ll send an email reply to confirm your request.

3.   Follow these instructions on how to post your work. If you’re requesting to submit work for a genre-specific workshop, please plan on submitting work of that genre.

4.  Remember to also use Meetup to sign up and confirm your attendance at the workshop.