The Burlington Writers Workshop provides spaces for writers involved in our workshops to get their work out there and get experience on the other end of the editorial processes.

We have an annual print anthology, The Best of the Burlington Writers Workshop series, where anyone who has provided feedback at one of our workshops is welcome to submit for a chance to have their work included. Self-published and staffed entirely by volunteers, this anthology gives Vermonters a chance to learn about the publishing process as a writer or editor as well as getting a look at the layout and marketing strategies for the book.  Check out past editions and volunteer opportunities.

The BWW also hosts an international literary journal, Mud Season Review. Like our anthology, getting involved allows volunteers to get their hands dirty with and learn more about publishing and literary journals. Mud Season, which publishes poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, has a monthly online edition as well as a yearly print edition each spring. Learn more, submit, or get involved at their website.