Middlebury Chapter of the Burlington Writers Workshop

We are a respectful, engaged group of writers welcoming all skill levels and genres.

New to the workshop? Please take a moment and read this guide (http://burlingtonwritersworkshop.com/how-to-participate/).

The purpose of this workshop is to look closely at each other’s work and help cultivate, inspire, and strengthen our individual craft.

Once submitted, workshop pieces can be found here (http://burlingtonwritersworkshop.com/files/). We will spend approximately 45 minutes discussing each piece. We also encourage participants to provide written reactions.

Above all else, our meeting space is a sanctuary and respecting the privacy of the writer is paramount. By participating we agree not to discuss an author’s work or a participant’s feedback with those not involved. What happens in basement of the library, stays in the basement of the library.

Please take a moment to read this article (http://burlingtonwritersworkshop.com/2014/08/08/on-giving-feedback/) on offering productive feedback. While not a “rule,” giving feedback can be a craft in of itself, and the guidelines offered are useful.

If you wish to submit a piece for our group, please go to the BWW main site, and choose “Middlebury Workshops” (http://burlingtonwritersworkshop.com/middlebury/). You will find directions for submitting on that page. Please make sure you have attended a BWW workshop, and given feedback to others, before you submit your own piece (as per BWW guidelines). Please request early and have your piece posted exactly one week in advance of the workshop you have chosen so that we all have time to dedicate to it.

*Writers whose pieces are being workshopped are welcome, but not required, to bring a simple refreshment to share with their readers.

Looking forward to having you join us!


September 11


06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

Click to Register: https://www.meetup.com/The-Burlington-Writers-Workshop/events/259302034/

The Burlington Writers Workshop

Website: https://www.meetup.com/The-Burlington-Writers-Workshop/

Ilsley Public Library

75 Main St

Middlebury, US

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