Master Class by Chris Tebbetts: Improvisation and Play for Writers

This hands-on two-hour writing workshop led by Chris Tebbetts will include an introduction to improv and play as they apply to creativity in general and to writing in particular—from generating story ideas, to first drafting, all the way into revision. It will include a variety of interactive exercises focused on identifying our own core material, learning to trust our instincts as a practical matter, and getting that work in progress another step closer to the finish line.

For those of you new to BWW in the last year or so, Master Classes are an opportunity to move above and beyond what we get in our workshops.
Chris just released his latest published book, “Me, Myself, and Him, a Novel.”

If you want to know more about Chris, take a look at and you can move from there to take a look at his more than a dozen published books, a few cowritten with Jeff Probst of the Survivor TV show, others in collaboration with bestselling author and educational philanthropist, James Patterson.

I attended one of Chris’s classes, and he’s more than a skilled and imaginative writer; he also prepares and presents a great learning experience for other writers. And he’s got more than one class up his sleeve, so if this Master Class is overbooked, maybe we can get him back for another.


August 24


10:30 am - 12:30 pm

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Burlington Writers Workshop

110 Main Street, Studio 3C

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