Friday Morning Writers’ Workshop

Join us for a Friday morning workshop discussion of your work in any genre: fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, nonfiction, poetry, or screenplay. We accept the submissions of two participants each week, devoting an hour to each. We’ll read and markup the work in advance, writing review commentary for the author, and prepare to discuss their submission. We put the submitting author in a virtual “isolation booth” and discuss the work as if you are not at the table. We try to focus on specific elements of craft and give honest responses in open discussion. All are welcome to join from readers and reviewers to writers at any level of accomplishment (including all forms of wannabees). Preserving respect for each other is the intention while providing constructive criticism is the goal.

Want to submit a request to have your work discussed or find out which writers are up for discussion at this workshop? We ask that you attend at least one session as a participant before requesting to submit. Check the schedule here: ( We ask that submissions be uploaded at least five days in advance of the scheduled event (typically by the preceding Sunday night) in order to give sufficient time for readers to prepare.

Reading material for upcoming sessions is provided for your review in advance. There may be work that “triggers” a negative response. You may choose to attend and contest the work, presenting your reaction to it as part of the process, or you may choose to skip that session. We do not set content restrictions upon our participant authors. Submissions may be found here: ( The naming convention provides you with the key: MMDD-Burlington-AuthInitials

New to the workshop? Here’s a guide that you may find helpful: (

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Leader: Stephen Kastner


July 26


10:30 am - 12:30 pm

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