How It Works

Writing is challenging, but participating in our workshops is easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how the BWW works.

1.   Become a member of our workshop at We use this service to keep track of attendance and exchange files. It’s free.

2.   RSVP to a meeting at Sign up for as many meetings as you want. Join a waiting list if it is full. Spots open up all the time.

3.  Read the work scheduled for discussion. The reading material is found in the “Files” section. The “Files” section is underneath the “More” tab.

3a. How do you know what you’re supposed to read? We keep lists of who is scheduled to submit work for Burlington workshops and Montpelier workshops. The author will post his/her work in the “Files” section seven (7) days before the meeting.

4. Download and print these files. Prose submissions must be double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman. Poetry does not need to be double-spaced. Do not reformat these pages to save paper.  You will need space on the page for step 5.

5.   Read these stories/essays/poems. Write comments in the margins as you read.

6.   Write a response. Please type your response, though if handwriting is your only option, that’s fine, too. You are welcome to use the printer at the BWW space (that’s why it’s there!).

6a. What should my response contain? First, comment on what works well. Point out the parts that resonate with you. Then, with tact, respond to the elements of the piece that didn’t work so well. But remember: These responses aren’t supposed to be judgments. They’re supposed to give the writer an idea of how the piece seemed to you. The BWW in general follows the principles spelled out in this essay, “On Giving Feedback.”

7. Bring these written comments to the meeting. You’ll hand these comments to the author at the end of the workshop.

8. Discuss. Talk with the other writers at the table about what you’ve read. The author will not participate in this discussion. S/he will listen to what you have to say without debating or defending the points you make. You are free to ask questions, disagree with your fellow participants, and build on things other people say. It’s intellectually stimulating for you and the writer! More on good discussion techniques here.

How To Request Feedback

1.  Take a look at our schedule for Burlington or our schedule for Montpelier. All blank spaces indicate an available spot. Identify which blank spot you want.

2.   Send an email to “” and tell us which day you want. We’ll put your name there.

You’re on the schedule and you need to post your writing. Here’s how you post it:

1.  Format your files correctly. They should be either .doc or .PDF. No exceptions. Use this template for prose and this template for poetry. Limit 20 pages of prose or three poems unless instructed otherwise by the workshop leader.

2.  Log onto to post files. Do this exactly seven days before the scheduled discussion of your work. If you do it sooner, you run the risk of letting your piece get lost in the list; if you do it later, you won’t give your readers enough time.

3.   Click on the “Files” section. It’s under the “more” tab, circled in yellow in the picture below.

4.   Click on “Add a file. Circled in red in the picture below.

5.  Click “Browse” to upload the file. This is similar to how you’d attach a file in an email.

6.   Describe your file. You’ll also see a “Description (optional)” field. Write the date of the meeting at which this piece will be discussed. What you write will appear in the light green circle below. Example: “[YOUR NAME]’s [STORY/ESSAY/POEM/etc.] for discussion in [BURLINGTON/MONTPELIER] on [DAY OF WEEK, MM/DD/YY]. Please make it available to “Anyone.” There is no need to write anything else in this field. This is very important; if you don’t follow this step, participants will have trouble finding your work.

If you have questions, please contact us. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

One thought on “How It Works

  1. Hi Peter, Good to see you tonight and to be back and part of the group, though I only knew a few people. You have really grown since those early days of just a few of us sitting in the Borders cafe. I am going to take the plunge and ask for the empty spot on April 24th …. I’ll wait to hear from you, Take care, keep warm until spring finally comes — Anne

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