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8_22_BURLINGTON_CNF_Shake_Up.pdf564.28 KB08-16-2017
0816-BURLINGTON.pdf201.71 KB08-13-2017
0821_Burlington_Amanda.pdf77.18 KB08-16-2017
0821_CWahl_BURL_Poetry.pdf94.21 KB08-16-2017
0822-Burlington-2.pdf595.47 KB08-16-2017
0823-BURLINGTON_JP.pdf655.36 KB08-13-2017
0823.BURL.Grier.pdf268.51 KB08-19-2017
0823_Middlebury_ACooper..pdf43.39 KB08-18-2017
0823_Middlebury_ALApfel.doc47.5 KB08-17-2017
Dans_poems_for_Monday_8.28.2017_Burlington_meetup.doc40 KB08-20-2017

If you want to upload or download reading materials for a meeting of the Burlington Writers Workshop, you’ve come to the right place. If this is your first time using this tool, please read the instructions below.

Instructions for uploading:

  1. Please upload PDF or .doc files only. Attempts to upload other file types will fail. (This program will help you create PDFs.) Select the files by clicking “Choose File.” Once you’ve chosen the file, click “Upload the File.”
  2. Name your file using this convention: MMDD-LOCATION. For example, if you have  a workshop on April 12th in Burlington, write 0412-BURLINGTON. If you have a May 15th workshop in Montpelier, write 0515-MONTPELIER. And so on. Please note that if you are the second person submitting work for that meeting, add “-2” to the file name. In other words: 0412-BURLINGTON-2. This naming convention will enable your fellow workshop members to find the correct file.
  3. Your file will be publicly available online.  We will delete your file after the workshop. If you’re concerned about privacy, please feel free to omit your name and address from the document (or use just your first name or your initials).
  4. Upload your files at least one week before the workshop. We want to ensure that your fellow workshop members have at least seven (7) days to read your work.
  5. Want to delete a file? Contact us and tell us which file you want us to delete.

Instructions for downloading:

  1. Make sure you have the right piece of writing. If you’re not sure, check the author’s name in the file against the name on the schedule (Burlington, Montpelier, and Middlebury). If you still have questions, contact your workshop leader.
  2. Print the reading materials.  We have a printer at our workshop space in Burlington for you to use at no cost.
  3. Respect the author’s privacy. What happens in the workshop, stays in the workshop. The BWW offers a safe space for writers to share works-in-progress. Don’t share what you find here with people who aren’t part of the discussion at the workshop.