If you want to upload or download reading materials for a specific Meetup event hosted by the Burlington Writers Workshop (BWW), you’ve come to the right place.

If this is your first time using this tool, please read the instructions below.

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Instructions for downloading:

  1. Make sure you have the right pieces of writing. Look for the specific files pertaining to a workshop you plan to attend which are named respectively by date and location. For example, if you have  a workshop on April 12 in Burlington, the files should begin with 0412-BURLINGTON. If you have a May 15 workshop in Montpelier, you will see them begin with 0515-MONTPELIER.  (Burlington, Montpelier, and Middlebury). If you still have questions, contact your workshop leader.
  2. Print the reading materials.  We have a printer at our workshop space in Burlington for you to use at no cost.
  3. Respect the author’s privacy. What happens in the workshop, stays in the workshop. The BWW offers a safe space for writers to share works-in-progress. Don’t share what you find here with people who aren’t part of the discussion at the workshop.

Instructions for uploading:

  1. Please upload PDF files only. Attempts to upload other file types will typically fail. (This program will help you create PDFs.)
  2. Rename your file before uploading it using this convention: MMDD-LOCATION-XX. For example, if you have  a workshop on April 12 in Burlington, name your file 0412-BURLINGTON. If you have a May 15 workshop in Montpelier, write 0515-MONTPELIER. And so on. Please add a hyphen and your initials at the end (where you see XX above) to distinguish your file from others in the same workshop. This naming convention enables your fellow workshop members to find the correct files by date and location.
  3. Upload your file by clicking “Choose File” which allows you to navigate locally on your own device to select your submission.  Once you’ve selected your file locally, click “Upload the File.”
  4. Your file will be publicly available online.  If you’re concerned about privacy, please feel free to omit any personal information from your document before uploading. All uploaded files are deleted from this website after the workshop has taken place.
  5. Upload your files at least one week before the workshop. We want to ensure that your fellow workshop members have at least seven (7) days to read your work.
  6. Want to delete a file? Contact us and tell us which file you want us to delete.