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What we’re looking for in submissions

Fiction, flash fiction, poetry, memoir, personal essay, experimental work—it’s all welcome.

This year’s anthology editing team wants to feature strong work from the BWW community that draws inspiration from diverse voices and experiences in surprising ways.

Prose: We accept individual submissions of up to 5,000 words. You may submit multiple pieces (one at a time), though we do ask that you select your most developed work for consideration.

Poetry: We accept up to 6 poems per member.

To be considered, you must have attended at least 1 BWW workshop within the past 5 years. So if you’d like to submit, and you haven’t yet attended a workshop, sign up for one now. Check out our upcoming workshops >


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Meet the 2018 anthology editing team

Each year, a new team of editors from within the Burlington Writers Workshop community comes together to publish the annual anthology. This rotational aspect of the anthology helps to keep the project dynamic and the selections eclectic, while allowing us to offer more BWW members the opportunity to gain experience working on a publication. Get to know this year’s editing team below.


Kelly Macintyre is originally from Connecticut. She moved to Vermont in 2008 to study English at UVM. She says, “I tend towards nonfiction, and as a student of the restaurant industry, I am particularly interested in language as it applies to wine and food. I’m proud to report I keep a daily journal, and my desert island book is Just Kids by Patti Smith. 2018 is my first year with the BWW and I am grateful and excited to be involved.”


Jacob Cribbs headshotJacob Cribbs is a California native and graduate of UC Santa Cruz, where he studied contemporary fiction and poetry and dramatic writing under mentors Karen Yamashita, Gary Young, and Jim Biermann. He is currently working on a personal poetry collection called The Licking Spoon and last year the Say Yes! Collective launched Jacob’s short play Land of the Ice Bears at the L.A. Fringe Festival. After studying acting at The Barrow Group while serving as an NYC Writers Coalition facilitator in NYC, Jacob came to southern VT to lead writing circles for folks maintaining sobriety and mental wellness. He is grateful to call Burlington home and likes to write, run, kayak, and edit!

Michael Freed-Thall grew up in Philadelphia, nurtured by progressive activists and sports fanatics. In 1979, he and his wife settled in Vermont, built a house, and raised two children. His grandson, Leo, just turned two. Michael says: “Since I retired in 2010, writing has been one of my passions. I’ve been involved with the BWW since 2013, with a year off to help my son build his house. I’ve had work published in the 2014, 2015, and 2016 anthologies, and Seven Days. I’m currently working on the second draft of a novel set in nineteenth century Russia.”

Kathrin Hutson is new to Vermont and survived her first winter. She studied Creative Writing Fiction at the University of Colorado at Boulder and is now a freelance fiction editor, author, wife, and mother. She enjoys dark, gritty, poignant fiction (all the more if it makes her pop a tear) and writes Dark Fantasy and Speculative Sci-Fi. Her work has appeared in Danse Macabre, Starklight, and numerous publications by Collaborative Writing Challenge. She is the author of the Gyenona’s Children series, The Unclaimed trilogy, and Sleepwater Beat.


Help us rename the anthology

If you haven’t already voted, we’d also like to invite you to be part of the renaming of this anthology. Based on member input, we’re changing our name from The Best of the Burlington Writers Workshop to something new. Our editors have worked to come up with 3 options, and the final name will be chosen by member vote.

We’ll ask you to rank your preference among the following.

  • Cold Lake
  • Blue Slate
  • Harvest & Slate

Note: A subtitle making it clear that this is the anthology of the Burlington Writers Workshop will accompany or be worked into each title (ie, Cold Lake Anthology: Selected Works of the Burlington Writers Workshop or Harvest & Slate: The Anthology of the Burlington Writers Workshop).

One vote per member, please! Cast your vote now >