Mud Season Review:

Managing Editor, Erin Post <>

BWW Committees:

  1. Communications:
    Responsible, working closely with all parts of BWW, for speaking as a whole to the outer world and also to membership as a whole. Responsible, working closely with all parts of BWW, for expressing BWW’s mission and values. Working closely with Digital to make sure that our digital tools serve members’ needs.
  2. Digital Assets:
    Responsible for making sure that our digital presence is efficient and user friendly for both those new to BWW and those working within BWW. Helps all parts of BWW to communicate with each other and works closely with Communications to present BWW to all.
  3. Finance:
    Oversee the organization’s budget and perform other duties like creating efficiencies, establishing reserve funds, lines of credit, and investments. Could include financial planning for BWW, helping set goals, etc. Responsible for making sure financial reports are accurate.
  4. Fundraising:
    Plan and oversee efforts for increasing financial support for BWW. Solicit regularly from members, especially encouraging sustaining donations. Oversee fundraising events, securing grants, and thanking donors.Support board members in their key fundraising responsibility of actively engaging and ensuring that the organization has adequate resources to advance its mission. Help inform resource development strategies and fund development plans.
  5. Membership:
    Work to define membership in ways which best support BWW and make membership meaningful and enjoyable for individual members. Tasks include: Creating vehicles to welcome and orient new members, finding a balance between making entry easy and letting members know that BWW depends on members making contributions to the community. Exploring whether membership should have special benefits.
  6. Programming:
    Work to ensure that the BWW provides strong and diverse programming to meet the evolving needs of BWW members and the wider community. Tasks include soliciting programming ideas from workshop leaders and other members, and work to help evaluate, develop, and support these ideas to ensure the continuation of member-driven programming; setting up special events like open-mic nights; finding and coordinating guest authors for leading special craft workshops.
  7. Workshops:
    Facilitate meaningful conversations between writers and attendees in order to expand our understanding of the nature of writing and the craft itself. Provide a supportive community of fellow leaders, which will develop guidelines to create a cohesive approach to workshops in order to be able to adapt to unique situations.

Active Workshop Leaders:

Wendy Andersen <> Burlington, Creative Non-Fiction

Melinda Bachand <> Middlebury

Elisabeth Blair <> Burlington, Poetry

Patrick Brownson <> Burlington, Lit Group

Seth Cronin <> Burlington, Song Writing, 

Eva Gumprecht <> Montpelier, all genres 

Rita Jones <> Middlebury

Stephen Kastner <> Burlington, Friday, all genres

Nancy Kilgore <> Burlington, Writing with Spirit

Grier Martin <> Burlington, Poetry

Dick Matheson <> Burlington, Book Length Fiction

Natasha Mieszkowski <> Burlington, Fiction

Riki Moss <> Burlington, Read Like A Writer/Write Like A Reader


Workshop Leader’s Guide