New Members Meeting on Saturday, June 29 at 1 pm

Do you have any anxiety or uncertainty about attending a BWW workshop?

  • Would you like to have everything explained, have all your questions answered, and see a sample workshop?
  • Meetup with other writers who are also exploring how to get vital feedback on their writing?
  • And enjoy a slice or two of delicious pizza while we chat?

Come to this friendly, informal discussion and learn more about which workshop group wants to read your writing, how you can get reader feedback after only one workshop, and why it’s fun to be in the Isolation Box. It’s like peering through a one-way mirror into a room of reviewers while they discuss what you’ve written.

Even if you’ve been to five or twenty workshops – or none — you might be interested in learning more about our internationally respected literary magazine, Mud Season Review. You might also be curious to learn how BWW can flourish with an all-volunteer ‘army.’ No one is on the payroll. You could really benefit by hearing What Every Writer Should Read.

We’ll reveal the arcane, secret tips on how to prepare your manuscript with trigger warnings, and upload it to our website. We’ll reassure you that people in our workshops are here to help you become a better writer, not tear you apart. One of our experienced workshop leaders may even demonstrate how they are prepared to tame a metaphorical wild tiger in our midst–no whips or stools needed.

Perhaps you’re one of those writers (aren’t we all?) who sometimes doubt you’re good enough to present your work… so you don’t. Instead, you may take part as a guest for your first time. Next time add a few comments about someone else’s story or poem. After a few workshops, you’ll realize that we do our best to meet you on your level, whether you’re a published author or an undiscovered genius still learning the nuts and bolts of plot structure, onomatopoeia, or pacing.

Do you realize that we have Songwriters Workshops? Come and listen to other people perform their songs and bring some of your own. Do you know that we have writers craft workshops where you can learn more about fascinating subjects like how to hook your reader on an unlikable character? We have a Lit Group, which reads, analyzes, and discusses published books. We have Writing with Spirit (creativity as play). We have an all-genres workshop that right now is entering one-act plays in a statewide playwrights competition. And if you have an idea for some workshop that we don’t yet have, we want to hear about it.

BWW exists to serve all levels of writers from those just beginning to scribble down a poem, song, or micro story to those who have the beginnings of a novel or are even ready to publish. There is a place for you at BWW, but sadly, you’ll never learn what a wonderful opportunity awaits you unless you jump into the water and have serious fun with us. Here’s your chance. We’ll make it easy and comfortable at this Welcome Workshop. We invite you to participate actively in this well-established and vital community, and we are looking forward to meeting you.

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