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Annual meeting scheduled for Dec 2nd; RSVP today

Annual Meeting graphicThe Burlington Writers Workshop annual meeting is scheduled for December 2 from 2:30 to 5:00 p.m. at the Fletcher Free Library in Burlington. Members have received an email with the proposed slate of directors and a number of policy proposals to be voted on at the meeting. This will be a particularly important gathering to determine future directors for the BWW. Please RSVP here>>

The annual member survey will open shortly and a link will be emailed to all members signed up for email on Meet-Up.

Fourth Wednesday workshop moves to Saturday for the winter

Riki Moss‘s fiction craft workshops have moved to Saturdays for the winter. This monthly workshop will explore a particular “craft” tool to help make possible the “art” of writing. After discussing one submission in light of the day’s craft topic, the session will turn to a writing prompt.

Except where a visiting writer or other special workshop is announced, there will be no fourth Wednesday workshop for the winter.

Poetry Workshops Begin Again

Two new types of poetry workshops are now on offer. Two Thursday nights workshops a month will combine craft with poems submitted. One monthly Saturday workshop will focus on poetry and its reading as a part of life experience.

Elisabeth Blair leads the Thursday evening sessions, reading and examining one another’s work, exploring published work (contemporary and historical), and trying new generative exercises, including improvisation, erasure, working with found texts, mixing media, etc. Each workshop will also have a voluntary take-home poetry exercise.

Grier Martin leads the Saturday sessions, discussing favorite poets and ideas about what role poetry plays in society. The group begins with a broad discussion of why poetry is significant to us, shares specific pieces that have touched participants in some way, and incorporates writing prompts.

On Getting Feedback (and What to Sacrifice to the Workshop Gods)

Thanks to Partridge Boswell for his essay, “On Getting Feedback (and What to Sacrifice to the Workshop Gods).”  This witty and wise poet’s advice makes a perfect companion to Peter Biello‘s BWW classic posts, “On Giving Feedback” and “On Receiving Feedback,” published back in 2014. These three pieces are must-reads for all writers who seek to grow and to help others grow.

Workshop leader workshop

Workshop leaders have always expressed the desire for mutual support and guidance to keep BWW workshops vibrant, creative, and safe. From time to time, the BWW has convened workshop leaders, but it had been a while.

This summer, 12 workshop leaders gathered to share experiences, define goals, and work through common problems, with some perennial challenges and some new issues relevant to our times. Do we need formal guidelines? Is the old workshop handbook still viable as the BWW evolves in this age of “safe space” and “#Metoo?” What are the leader’s responsibilities? The participant’s? How do we balance triggered sensibilities with the subversion and transgression that writing demands? Following a spirited discussion, a small group agreed to brainstorm guidelines to present to the board. Many thanks Wendy Anderson and all those who made this session happen and to all those who give their time to leading BWW workshops.

Programming Committee

Recently, the new Programming and Workshops Committee met to begin our mission of working to ensure that the BWW provides strong and diverse programming and support of workshop leaders. Barbie Alsop has generously offered to take on more administrative tasks related to scheduling (thanks, Barbie!) to keep things rolling smoothly as we transition to the new committee model. Our next meeting will be November 10, 2018, at 10:30 a.m. at the BWW space. We invite all workshop leaders to join us to discuss programming, as well as how we might best support you. Hope to see you then!

Writing opportunities

KidLit for Hotel Vermont

Do you write for children or young adults? The Hotel Vermont has asked the BWW to assemble a small collection of Vermont writing for young people to be available to guests in their rooms at the hotel. The hotel already features BWW writing for adults in all its guest rooms, but they would like to add work specifically aimed at children and teens. If you have work you are interested in submitting for consideration, please contact us>>

Writer/editor needed for Opportunities & Announcements

The BWW is seeking a writer/editor to produce Opportunities & Announcements (this blog) once a month. If you’re interested, please contact us>>

Thanks and congratulations

Thanks to all the volunteers who contributed to the success of our recent Book Launch and Mud Season Review Celebration. Special thanks to the editing team that so ably stepped up to produce Cold Lake Anthology: 2018 Writing from the Burlington Writers Workshop: Jacob Cribbs, Michael Freed-Thall, Kathrin Hutson, and Kelly MacIntyre.

Thank you to Rosa Castellano for her wonderful leadership of our Monday evening poetry workshops. We’ll miss her leadership and presence in the BWW, and wish her and her family all the best in their new location!

Congratulations to BWW Founder Peter Biello on his recent New Hampshire Public Radio interviews  with Jennifer Egan, Mark Decarteret, and Alexander Chee.

Congratulations to Cathy Beaudoin, whose nonfiction story titled “I Did It” has been published in Firsts: Coming of Age Stories by People with Disabilities. Firsts is an anthology of short stories edited by Belo Cipriani and distributed by Oleb Publishing. In addition, her fiction story titled “White Gloves” has been published in Angel City Review.

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