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Support the programs you value. Become a sustaining member of the BWW.

The BWW reminds me of the children’s book, The Little Engine That Could—I’m amazed at what this organization accomplishes with its very small budget of around $25,000 a year.

Since 2009, we have presented more than 1,500 workshops and 13 full-day retreats, published  5 annual anthologies of member writing, 37 online issues and 3 print volumes of Mud Season Review, staged 3 Stories by the Fire events, lots of anthology book tour readings, author readings, expert panels and writers-in-the-round events, and guest author craft workshops, and we maintain a downtown meeting and writing space.

If you have enjoyed the fruits of all that labor, and are not currently supporting the BWW financially, we need your support today to make that $25,000 budget for the current year. 

Sustaining monthly donors in any amount make our programs possible, along with the generous one-time gifts of many friends. Please consider making a recurring or one-time gift. It’s tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the tax code.
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Not too late to enter lottery for summer and fall retreats

The deadline to enter the lottery for the first BWW summer retreat is coming up on June 16, and lotteries for the remaining sessions close one month before each event. Sign up now to take advantage of some of the  best writers and teachers of previous  workshops for these full-day sessions in some stunning locations this summer and fall, thanks to our hard-working and creative Retreat Committee.

July 14: Home of Terry Cleveland in Georgia—Fiction with Joni Cole

Aug. 25: Studio of Riki Moss in Grand Isle—Prose with Robin McLean

Sept. 8:  Adamant Music School in Adamant—Poetry with Baron Wormser

Nov. 11: Bishop Booth Center in Burlington—Creative Nonfiction with Jericho Parms

As in the past, spots are limited and will be filled via lottery. The lottery sign up began May 15. Lotteries normally close 4 weeks before the respective event, giving us all plenty of time to plan and schedule.

Visit our retreats page to learn more about the schedules and leaders.   Learn more about BWW retreats >

Questions? Email retreats@burlingtonwritersworkshop.com >

Anthology editors hard at work on 2018 edition

The editors of this year’s BWW literary anthology are hard at work reviewing  submissions of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction work by BWW members. They will be working with authors over the summer, with the goal of holding our annual launch party in late September or early October, followed by a reading tour. Stay tuned for details.


Congrats to Cathy Beaudoin, whose short story, “Where Dreams Come Alive,” was recently published in Freshwater Literary Journal.

Congrats to Martin Bock and to Scooter MacMillan on the release of Scooter’s (and Jude Domski’s) video documentary, “Investigation of an Image: A Conversation with Martin Bock” for VCAM. Watch the documentary >

Congrats to Anne Charles, whose review of Nicola Griffith’s novel, So Lucky, was recently published in the Lambda Literary Review Vol 9. Issue 174 (May 18, 2018): Online. Read the review >

Congrats to Cynthia Close, whose essay, “Family Secrets,” will be published in print and online in the next issue of the literary journal Montana Mouthful.


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