Opportunities and Announcements: Week of September 11, 2017

Lauren Bender, editor-in-chief, Mud Season Review

Lauren Bender, editor-in-chief of Mud Season Review, is getting ready to step down from her post. We’re so glad that she was able to spend a year (1) publishing great online and print issues and (2) facilitating the learning experience that MSR provides to Vermont’s aspiring writers. Lauren, we can’t thank you enough for your stellar work!

Lauren’s going to be working with her replacement to ease the transition to new leadership, which should be in place no later than October 31, 2017.

Who’s the new editor-in-chief? We don’t know yet, but we’d like you to apply for the job if you’re interested. Details on this and other opportunities for writers can be found in this week’s opportunities and announcements.


We’re seeking a new editor-in-chief for Mud Season Review. We plan to move swiftly in picking a new EIC, so please apply before midnight on Friday, September 22nd (extended from the 15th to make sure we have reached everyone). The job description and instructions for applying are here.

We’re also looking for a graphic designer for Mud Season Review, which you can apply for here. This job won’t start until the winter of 2018.

Today is the last day to cast your vote on the next reading group poll. Please vote by midnight tonight (September 12th).

Our first BCA-funded workshop is taking place tomorrow and it’s geared toward science fiction writers. There are a few seats remaining, so feel free to take advantage of guest author Andrew Liptak’s wisdom and RSVP now.


The next meeting of the BWW’s board of directors is Saturday, September 16th at 10 a.m. at the BWW space. If you have an issue you think needs to be brought to the board’s attention, or if you have a question you think the board should answer, please contact us.

If you’ve published any new work lately, please do send us a link. We’d love to celebrate your accomplishments.

BWW writer Kerstin Lange has been traveling in Germany and writing about her experiences. Her latest post is here.

BWW writer Lorraine Ryan published this post about TURNmusic for the Flynn Center Blog.

Recently I published this interview with poet Jody Hetherington about the art of the prose poem. I also wrote this story about a professor at UNH who has spent fifty years cross-breeding plants in pursuit of the perfect squash.

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