Opportunities and Announcements: Week of June 5, 2017

The May fundraiser has ended successfully. Thanks to everyone who helped us raise $5,157.57 (our goal was $5k). In all, 52 people made a donation. One person gave twice! The average gift was just over $99. Excluding gifts made in exchange for our manuscript review service (which we provide for gifts of $275 or more), the average gift was just over $62.

About that manuscript service: We offer to folks on the Mud Season Review mailing list a chance to have their book-length manuscript reviewed. Someone on the MSR staff reads the manuscript and comments on it, much like we do in our workshops. During this past fundraiser, nine people gave $275 for these manuscript reviews.

If you’re a BWW member and you have a book that needs the eyes of your fellow writers, we do not charge anything to schedule a two- or three-part workshop, to which we’ll invite a group of peers to read your manuscript in big chunks. If you’d like to take advantage of this option, please contact me.

Overall, though, this manuscript review service is a way attract out-of-state money to support what we do in Vermont. We’ve got a dedicated crew of MSR folks who read these books for our donors, and we’re happy to do it.

We’ve got other stuff to talk about this week. So here are the latest opportunities and announcements.


We’ve opened up the lottery for our first writing retreat of the year. This one will take place in Georgia, Vermont on Saturday, July 15th. Learn more about all our writing retreats and enter the lottery for this one here.

We’ve scheduled a bunch of workshops for July and August. Claim your seat before someone else does!

We’re seeking volunteers to serve on our “Programming Committee.” This committee will manage the scheduling  of the workshops we offer. This committee would be expected to meet once a month and plan workshops for future months. The committee would be charged with figuring out September and possibly October. (Planning two months at once might be wise.) There is no reinvention of the wheel here (our staple workshops can and will continue) but a group of energetic people may come up with some fun, inspiring workshop ideas. Please contact me if you’re interested in serving on this committee.

We’re also still seeking a workshop space manager. Contact me if you can help. For more information on this, see the last opportunities and announcements post.


The next meeting of the BWW Board of Directors is scheduled for Saturday, June 10th at 10 a.m. We will be discussing nominations for new board members. If you would like to nominate someone, or if you are interested in serving, please contact me.

We’re happy to announce that the BWW has received a $3,000 grant through the Burlington City Arts Community Fund. This money will be dedicated to our author workshops, which are opportunities for the public to attend workshops with experienced authors. Learn more about this program. Thanks to Margaret Grant for making this happen for us.

There is a printer at the space that needs to be removed by June 10th. If it’s yours, please remove it. Thanks!

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