Opportunities and Announcements: Week of November 23, 2015

Each week in our Wednesday Workshop, we go around the table and answer a question posed by our resident questioner and longtime BWW member, Walt Mahany. The questions are sometimes  thought provoking and sometimes humorous, but they always draw responses that spark conversation and help us all get to know each other better. This past Wednesday, Walt’s question was simple and in the spirit of Thanksgiving: “What are you thankful for?” What was telling to me was the number of members whose answer included “all of you.” This includes my own. I moved to Vermont 5 years ago now, but it wasn’t until I got involved with the BWW that it truly began to feel like home. Thanks to what Peter started and what everyone in this community has helped to continue, the BWW has become an incredible mix of creativity, support, and friendship. So in honor of this holiday, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for that.

And now, onto the news:

Mud Season Review Issue #14This past week brought the launch of Issue #14 of Mud Season Review. Congrats to our amazing Mud Season staff for yet another beautiful issue! Check out the featured art by Harry Wilson, fiction by Jacob Guajardo, nonfiction by Megan Bush, and poetry by Karen J. Weyant for some excellent Thanksgiving holiday reading.

Speaking of holiday reading, we hope you’ll join us on Sunday, December 6th for the last stop of The Best of the Burlington Writers Workshop 2015 tour. We’ll be at Barnes and Noble in South Burlington from 2 pm to 5 pm. Several Best of 2015 authors will be reading, including: Michael Freed-Thall, Nina Gaby, Mark Hoffman, Linda Quinlan, Michelle Watters, and Darlene Witte-Townsend. Nina will also be facilitating a mini-workshop with writing prompts and a discussion of authors’ favorite writing guide books.

This will also be an important fundraiser for the BWW. Barnes and Noble will donate a portion of the days’ sales to the BWW. So please consider coming out to participate in the event and do some holiday book-buying to support the BWW! Look for our event voucher code in next week’s Opportunities & Announcements.


Key BWW volunteer role needs to be filled. Beginning in January 2016, we will need a new workshop scheduler. This is the person who receives the requests from members hoping to have work reviewed in our workshops and adds those members to the schedule. It’s a role that you can easily do from home on your time, but it is critical to the function of the BWW. So if you’re looking for a way to volunteer and really make an impact, this may be it! Please contact us if you’re interested in this role.

Help us find a new space. Our space committee is currently surveying potential new spaces for the BWW’s Burlington location, with the goal of moving into an accessible space as soon as our lease in the current Church Street space is up early this spring. If you know of any potential spaces, please feel free to email committee member Walt Mahany (wmahany@hotmail.com).

Help us choose the book for the Winter 2016 Literature Reading Series. Group members report enjoying a lot of insightful discussion in the literature reading series to date. For the next book, the current group members have chosen 3 titles for the wider membership to choose from: Atonement by Ian McEwan, White Noise by Don DeLillo, and White Teeth by Zadie Smith.  Vote for your choice now >


The BWW 2016 Member Survey is now closed. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to offer your ideas and feedback. We’re now in the process of developing the 2016 budget based on your input. Stay tuned for a survey report soon!

Upcoming BWW events:

Saturday, December 5th and 19th, 5:30 pm: Come out to Hotel Vermont for the first two in a series of BWW oral storytelling events. RSVP for December 5th and/or December 19th >

Sunday, December 6th, 2:00 – 5:00 pm: Join us at Barnes and Noble in South Burlington for readings by Best of the Burlington Writers Workshop 2015 authors plus a Q&A session and mini-workshop activity, and the opportunity to support the BWW with holiday book-buying (a portion of the day’s sales will go to the BWW). RSVP for the Best of 2015 Book Tour

Quick reminder: We’re closed Wednesday through the weekend this week in celebration of the holiday.

Flynn Center blog

BWW members recently featured on the Flynn Center blog:

Michelle Watters wrote this review of the recent Transitions performance in FlynnSpace.

Brett Sigurdson wrote this review of the recent Cooder-White-Skaggs performance at the Flynn Center.

Josh MacDonald wrote this review of the recent performance of the Improvised Shakespeare Company in FlynnSpace.

Congrats and thanks

Congrats to our Best of the Burlington Writers Workshop 2016 staff! Genre editors: Elizabeth Gaucher (fiction), Lyz Perry (nonfiction), and Michelle Watters (poetry); assistant editors: Terry ClevelandJessica Dudley, and Elizabeth Izzo; consulting editor: Martin Bock; and designer: Deena Frankel. The editors are hard at work reviewing member submissions and we’re looking forward to putting together a fantastic anthology!

Congrats to new Mud Season Review staff members: Mike Sweeney (art co-editor) and Gabrielle Sutherland (fiction reader).

Congrats to Cynthia Close, whose recent article on Bernie Sanders was published in Vermont Woman.

Congrats to Michelle Watters, whose poem ” “if only I learned on a banana” was accepted for January publication in Rat’s Ass Review.

If you’ve recently been published or achieved a new success in your writing career, please let us know so we can share the news with the BWW community.

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