Opportunities and Announcements: Week of May 11, 2015

Fundraising update: So far this month we’ve raised $542 of the $3,100 we need to continue doing what we do. We have rent payments due, plus we just renewed our hosting/management of both burlingtonwritersworkshop.com and mudseasonreview.com to the tune of $167.76. We’ll have to renew with Submittable, too, and that’s about $300. In short: we’ve got some expenses to cover. We rely on folks like you to help out, so please make your $100 gift today. Thanks!

Your donation pays for these opportunities, too, so please do check them out!


As promised, we’re holding four writing retreats between July and October. They’re all free. Yes, that’s right: no paywall. We’re committed to providing an equal opportunity for all writers, regardless of income. So please follow the directions to express your interest.

We’re looking for a volunteer editor to help prepare the next Hotel Vermont book. If you’re interested, please contact us and let us know why you’d be a good editor.

In addition to our charitable giving efforts, we’re also in need of a volunteer who could help develop our corporate sponsorship. We’ve got retreats and other events that could use some sponsorship, and we have plenty of advertising opportunities. Please contact us if you’re interested in taking this role.


We’re happy to announce that we’ve officially filed for 501(c)(3) status. Now all we have to do is wait for the Federal Government to let us know if we’ve been approved. We already have nonprofit status with the state of Vermont, and we use the League of Vermont Writers as our fiscal agent, which means all donations through this page are tax-deductible.

photoThis past weekend, I hosted my first Saturday workshop. As I transition out of my role as organizer, I’ll be holding more topic-based workshops. Last weekend, we discussed strategies for developing well-rounded characters. Next week: giving better feedback. And later this month, we’ll do one on writing better dialogue. I’m looking forward to these!

Tammy Hetrick is launching her novel, Stella Rose, this weekend. Stella Rose also received a favorable review in Seven Days.

The journalists among us had a very productive week. Zach Despart, who recently started his new job at The Burlington Free Press, contributed to the reports about Sen. Norman McAllister’s arrest.

Liz Cantrell is churning out the album reviews, and reviewed this one by BWW member Patrick Crowley.


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