Opportunities and Announcements: Week of April 27, 2015


The first print issue of Mud Season Review will be launched on Saturday, May 2 at Hotel Vermont.

The launch of the first ever print issue of Mud Season Review is coming up this Saturday at Hotel Vermont at 7 p.m. I hope you’ll be able to make it. This journal represents the hard work of a lot of BWW members and we’re very proud of it. The party is free for all, so come on down and bring a friend!

A few new opportunities are in this week’s opportunities and announcements, so please do take a look!


We’ll be accepting submissions for the next Hotel Vermont book soon. I’ll post guidelines in the next few weeks. What book, you ask? Hotel Vermont prints a tiny book with a few short pieces by BWW members every quarter. These sit in each hotel room and guests are encouraged to take them when they leave. It’s a great chance for you to build an enormous audience, since they will print more than a thousand of these to distribute. Stay tuned for details, and get busy writing something short/awesome.

The Burlington Book Festival is in great need of someone skilled with WordPress to help design their website. They also need some social media help. This is a great line-item on your résumé, especially if you’re looking to beef up your marketing credentials. If you’re interested, please contact Rick Kisonak, the BBF’s director.

We’ll post all the workshops for the month of June on April 30th, so make sure to check our Meetup page on Thursday and see what’s new!

Cathy Beaudoin and JD Fox have done fantastic work blogging for us. (Cathy’s newest blog post comes out tomorrow.) If you’d like to blog on writing-related topics, please do contact us.


Our May fundraiser begins on May 1st and we’ll keep raising the money until we meet our goal. Please do give what works for your budget to help sustain the BWW’s functions. $100 is a great gift to the BWW, and it’s tax deductible! Thanks.

The BWW’s Financial Advisory Committee is making great strides in finalizing our by-laws and getting our governing documents in order. We’ll formalize a process of succession and keep things structured in a way that makes the whole organization sustainable. I’m very happy to see things developing this way. If you have questions or comments, please let us know.

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