A Change in BWW Leadership

In lieu of the usual “Opportunities and Announcements” post this week, I’m writing to let you know that I’m stepping down as leader of the Burlington Writers Workshop.

thankyoupbThis decision was one of the toughest I’ve ever had to make. I’ve accepted a position as All Things Considered host at New Hampshire Public Radio. This is an exciting opportunity for me and I’m looking forward to pushing the “ON AIR” button in the Granite State. NHPR is a leader in the industry and its staff is incredibly talented and creative. I’m sad to be leaving the talented, creative folks at VPR, but opportunity knocked loudly.

Even though I’ll be leaving Burlington for Concord, New Hampshire, one thing is certain: I will always be a member of the Burlington Writers Workshop. Since I moved here in 2009, my fellow BWW members have been my friends, careful readers, and sources of comfort during tough times. When I moved here, building something like this was not in the plan, but once it became clear that there was a force greater than me pushing this group onward and upward, I couldn’t step away.

This change in my professional life comes at a time when the BWW is ready for new leadership. That’s why I’ve asked Danielle Thierry to take my place. Danielle is a freelance writer and content strategist, and she whips Mud Season Review into shape every month as its managing editor. In addition to being an excellent writer, she’s also an organizational mastermind. The flow-charts she develops are nothing short of astonishing. I do not say this lightly: she will outshine me as a leader. I’m 100% confident that things will continue to grow in a sustainable, well-managed manner under her leadership.

For the next several months, Danielle will shadow me. Someone will shadow Danielle as managing editor of Mud Season Review, and the official take-over will happen on June 1, 2015. I’ll be working with Danielle to generate detailed governing documents, including job descriptions for volunteer positions.

After June 1st, I’ll be happy to serve on the advisory committee and lend long-distance support to Danielle and anyone else within the organization in need of help or advice. I’ll also be a donor, and I’ll be challenging you to contribute to the BWW when our fundraisers come around.

It has been one of the greatest joys of my life to serve you in this way. I have learned so much—about writing, marketing, website development, social media, fundraising, and management. You guys have made me a better person and I’ll always be grateful for that. And I’ll always remember the stories you’ve told me about how your writing improved because of the BWW.

My last event as the BWW’s leader will be the launch of THE BEST OF THE BURLINGTON WRITERS WORKSHOP 2015 at Arts Riot on Pine Street in Burlington on Friday, April 3rd. I hope you will be there—not to say goodbye, because I’ll be back to participate in workshops as a member, but to celebrate a remarkable publication and everything else you’ve helped me build these past six years.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for everything. And keep in touch.


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