Opportunities and Announcements: Week of February 2, 2015

submissionsystemWhat did you do on this snowy Monday? I spent a few hours sending out a short story I spent several months working on last year.

I was inspired by Dede Cummings, who said at our “Writing and Money” panel last month that every time you get a rejection letter, you should send out three more queries (I’m paraphrasing). Last month, I received one rejection letter, so I sent out fifteen submissions today. Not exactly the same ratio, but the idea is the same: I’m giving myself more chances to succeed, and I only need one out of the fifteen to say “yes.”

As for where I submitted my work: I aimed high. As you’ll see on my sticky note system, I’ve sent my story to a few recognizable names. (Note: These places don’t use Submittable, which is great at keeping track of submissions, so I’m resorting to this. This is why Mud Season Review uses Submittable. It’s just easier.)

I’m hoping to do some writing tonight and then maybe send out a few more pieces. If the rejection letters come in, I’ll just keep returning fire.

Anyway, all that is to say: I’ve had a productive snow day, and I hope you have, too. If not, get on Duotrope and find a place for your work, and send it out!

Here are this week’s opportunities and announcements.


Need feedback on your work? We’ve just scheduled all of our workshops for the month of March, so please browse through the list and see what’s available.

Of particular interest are our specialty workshops, including our digital storytelling workshop with Nate Herzog (funded by the Vermont Community Foundation), oral storytelling workshop with Gin Ferrara, and our radio play workshop with Ted Sharpe.

Fans of Elizabeth Bishop may also want to show up on Saturdays at 11 for a series of workshops dedicated to close readings of her poetry.

Want to bring a new kind of workshop to life? You can! This is a community-run group, so you, as a community member, can make it happen. Just contact me and we’ll chat about our options.


A brief protocol reminder: Please (1) show up for workshops a little early so that the group can start on time and (2) bring your written comments for the author. It’s best to type them, so if you’d like to arrive at the workshop space early and write/print your comments, you can do that. It’s all free.

Work on THE BEST OF THE BURLINGTON WRITERS WORKSHOP 2015 continues. Deena Frankel, our nonfiction editor, is designing the book now, and we’ll be working with authors on final changes to the work within the next few weeks. Each year, this book gets better and better—thanks in part to the ever-deepening well of talent from which we’re able to draw. Deena’s designs are top-notch and Amanda Paulger’s photo on the cover really makes it feel like it’s alive and breathing. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the launch party on April 3rd.

Coming up Saturday, February 14th at 11 a.m., Gary Lee Miller and Deb Fleischman will present: “Short and Sweet: The Power of Classroom Writing Prompts” at Bear Pond Books in Montpelier. You’ll learn about designing short writing exercises that build critical ELA skills and make even reluctant writers look forward to picking up a pen.

Shelburne Vineyard’s Wine & Poetry event is happening on Wednesday, February 18th at 6 p.m. It’s free and open to the public. Bring your own snacks, and contact amy@shelburnevineyard.com for more information.

Congrats to Tim Weed for being featured on this.


Thanks again to Marble House Project for support of the BWW. The Marble House Project features a variety of workshops and retreats in Dorset, Vermont.

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