Opportunities and Announcements: Week of January 19, 2015


Photo by Terry Cleveland for the PlanBTV South End project.

This week, writers and photographers are teaming up to profile Burlington’s South End. It’s part of a project funded by a grant from PlanBTV. Writers and photographers paired up to create a poem/photo pair that captures the essence of a particular aspect of the South End (artists, business owners, residents, senior citizens, immigrants/new Americans, etc.). The work will be on display at a reception on February 12th. If you enjoy really getting to know a place—its people, its businesses, its art—then this is a great event for you.

There’s more going on this week, so let’s get right to this week’s opportunities and announcements.


Have you published something lately? Please let us know. We want to brag about you.

Last call for questions for the panelists for Thursday’s event at Hotel Vermont, “Five Writers on Writing and Money.” Please RSVP here and send your question in advance.

We’re still taking suggestions on the next author you’d like to see give a reading at Hotel Vermont. We usually prefer someone who doesn’t normally give readings in Burlington—someone from a far-flung corner of the state, or even someone in neighboring states. Any suggestions? Contact us.

The BWW’s financial advisory committee is meeting Tuesday, January 20th at 6:30 p.m. Got questions or concerns about our finances? Send them here.


Annalisa Parent has published this article in Writer’s Edit. Congrats, Annalisa!

Cynthia Close has published this article in Documentary magazine. Congrats, Cynthia!

Liz Cantrell has published this article in Seven Days. Congrats, Liz!

The Burlington Shambhala series is hosting this series called “Greening Our Religions.”

Did you read this whole email? Fantastic! Respond today (Monday the 19th) and say, “Give me my prize!” and I’ll leave a prize for you at the workshop space by February 1st.

Please note that we have some slots open to have your work reviewed. Please snag them while they’re available in Burlington or Montpelier. Use this as a deadline to write something. Your work doesn’t have to be perfect. We like providing feedback.

Questions? Contact me.

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