Opportunities and Announcements: Week of January 5, 2015

The new tables are now in use. Feel free to visit our workshop space and write something awesome.

The new tables are now in use. Feel free to visit our workshop space and write something awesome.

There are lots of things to tell you about this week, so let’s get right to them. Here are this week’s opportunities and announcements.


The organizers of NOFA Vermont Winter Conference are looking for stories and poems for their “Story and Poetry Slam” event on Sunday, February 15th at the Davis Center at UVM. The theme of this year’s conference is Growing the Good Food Movement. In support of the theme, NOFA Vermont seeks stories or poems focused on food equity, race, class, farm worker rights, or food sovereignty. Pitches for stories and poems should be short, around 30 seconds long, and can be submitted for consideration by calling the NOFA Vermont office at 802-434-4122, extension 30. The deadline for submissions is January 23. More information is available here.

VPR’s Art Hounds is looking for recommendations on artsy events happening anywhere in Vermont. This program puts your voice on the air and asks you to recommend an event that you plan to attend. It could be theater, an art gallery reception, a music show, a poetry reading…whatever it is, recommend it! The catch is that it can’t be your event. You must be recommending it without having a personal stake in it of any kind. Call this number: 1-800-778-9585 or fill out the submission form here.

Tweeting and Storytelling converge in this month’s Digital Storytelling Workshop with Nate Herzog. This workshop is funded by a grant from the Vermont Community Foundation.

Need a professional headshot done for your author FB page, book jacket, or website? Join us for this free photo and website development day in February. We’ll learn the basics of WordPress while professional photographer Carolyn Bates takes your photo. RSVP today and we’ll assign you a 10 minute session with Carolyn. Limit 30 people.


Cynthia Close has had her essay, “Ode To Eve Ensler,” accepted by 34th Parallel Magazine. Congrats, Cynthia!

Michelle Watters had two poems accepted by Black Heart Magazine. Congrats, Michelle!

If you have publication news to share, or an author website you’d like us to put on the page we have dedicated to such things, please contact me.

Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for a blogpost on the BWW survey results.

The BWW Financial Advisory Committee is meeting on Tuesday, January 20th at 6:30 p.m. at the workshop space. If you have questions for the committee about anything finance-related, please contact any of those members, or me. They are: Cathy Beaudoin, Cynthia Close, Walt Mahany, and Wendy Andersen. Contact them here.

And finally, a standing invitation: this is your community writing workshop. It is what you make of it. If you want to get involved and have an idea to propose, let us know.




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