A Free Writing Retreat


The location of the first free BWW writing retreat in Fletcher, VT.

Writing retreats are usually expensive. If you wanted to, you could spend hundreds of dollars on a few days of peace and quiet. For a few hundred more, perhaps a famous writer would join you.

That’s not what the BWW is about. We like things free.

To that end, Michael Freed-Thall is opening up his home in beautiful Fletcher, Vermont for a free writing retreat on August 30th (raindate August 31st).

We’ll be adding more details as the date draws near. Perhaps we’ll even find a famous author who could drop by. For now, though, here is some basic, preliminary information to help you decide if this is right for you.

Why do this?

Because it’s a chance for some extended, concentrated writing sessions, followed by discussion of writing, in a rural setting.

A place for our discussions, or maybe a game of chess.

A place for our discussions, or maybe a game of chess.

What types of activities will be planned?

  • Individual goal setting for the day
  • Up to five hours of individual writing time
  • Discussion of work
  • A skills workshop/craft lesson
  • Lunch (provided)
  • Dinner (pot luck)
  • Forest hike
  • Campfire (which always involves storytelling!)

How will retreat participants be chosen?

Fill out the application online. Unlike most workshops we run, it is not a first-come, first-served thing.


Please apply by August 1oth. Tell your friends!

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