Opportunities and Announcements: Week of April 14, 2014

The book launch party was fantastic! Thanks to everyone who helped make it a success. We sold 58 books (a lot of 2014 editions, a few 2013), celebrated those who submitted work, and had a great time. If you missed the event but would like to purchase a book, we’ll have them at meetings in the BWW Writing Center going forward, and you can also order books online.

Here are the opportunities and announcements for this week. Continue reading

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Seven Days Reviews “Best of 2014″

SevenDaysBookReviewSeven Days has given The Best of the Burlington Writers Workshop 2014 a favorable review. Margot Harrison, who has written about the BWW before, has mentioned several of the folks published in this new collection. For example, of Hillary Read’s story “Soon,” she writes: “It’s the sort of tale that in the wrong hands can easily turn maudlin, but Read makes it alternately transcendent and quietly devastating.” Continue reading

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Plowing Ahead: Vincent Bergamo On Writing A Fantasy Novel

vincentbergamoFor two years I had dreamed of writing a fantasy novel. I had been watching the novel unfold in my head. I read other works, wrote several short stories, and typed up plans. Finally, one day, I began writing it. I called it, “The Novel.” Continue reading

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“The Best of the Burlington Writers Workshop 2014″ Book Trailer

Want to learn more about our second annual anthology? Here’s the book trailer for The Best of The Burlington Writer’s Workshop 2014, featuring Jim Gamble, Cynthia Close, Michelle Watters, Paul Hobday, Martin Bock, Jernigan Pontiac, and Amanda Vella. Continue reading

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Meetup.com Responds To BWW’s Needs, Pledges Cash

meetupIf you’ve used Meetup.com in the past two weeks or so, you’ve probably noticed that it’s been down or malfunctioning. That was the result of an outside attack on Meetup.com’s website. The attack is over and the good folks at Meetup.com have put things back in order. Continue reading

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Dispatch from AWP: Starting and Sustaining a New Literary Publication

To start a new literary journal, you need a few things. Let’s go through a quick list of what the panelists had to say. Continue reading

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Dispatch from AWP: The Art of the Book Review

file000739253401This just in: There is no agreement on what a makes a good book review.

Panelist Craig Teicher says that a good book review need not be “right” about the book, but it must definitely be interesting. It should, in other words, be “a piece of literature inspired by a piece of literature.” Continue reading

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Dispatch from AWP: The Fine Art of Constructive Praise

file4211283523276There are workshops that tear you down for sport, and there are workshops that build you up with meaningless praise. Somewhere between these two extremes exists the sweet spot of the creative writing workshop, where, as four panelists from Grub Street in Boston put it, the “poetics of generosity” exist to provide writers with the space, encouragement, and advice they need to grow and improve. Continue reading

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Dispatch from AWP: Four Ways Blogging Benefits A Writer

blogThere are four ways that blogging benefits you as a writer: creation, career, promotion, and conversation. That’s according to the panelists Isla McKetta, Rebecca Bridge, Elissa Washuta, Ann Hedreen, and Jack Remick, all of whom have vast blogging experience. Continue reading

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Your Character’s Age Doesn’t Matter (As Much As Your Readers Think)

What would this boy’s exact age tell you about who he is?

If your readers ask the age of your character, they’re really asking for something else: What makes this character special, unique, believable, and human? Age, as they say, ain’t nothin’ but a number.

In every workshop I’ve attended—at the undergraduate level, in my MFA studies, and now at the BWW—I’ve seen discussions of stories that prompt this question: “What’s this character’s age, exactly?” Continue Reading

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